When she crippled and fell into his arms,
She knew the culprit wasn’t the sandal.
It has been heart, all the time.





She is a friend and love of my life,
She is beautiful and I want her to be my wife.
I want her but she doesn’t want the same,
Because I crave for her and her heart wants another name.
Her imperfections are perfect,
And from the frame I evacuate.
She still rules the ruins of my heart,
She is the north where happiness resides.
Standing there I recollect myself,
I have to run because it pains in this place.
I will never have her,
The truth slowly digests.
For the last time I smell her skin,
My body leaves and the soul is keen.
When the universe repels,
Everyone loses,
She lost a friend,
I lost my love.